Spa Service and Spa Repair in Nampa, ID, and Boise, ID

Budget Pool & Spa Tech Inc wants to give you the pool and spa of your dreams. Whether you have an existing spa that requires a replacement part, a swimming pool that needs restoration, or you wish to have a new above-ground pool installed, we have the tools and experience to get the job done properly so that you and your family can enjoy fun and relaxing times in your pool or spa.

Vinyl liner projects are our specialty and we sell high-quality liners and safety covers from McEwen Industries. McEwen has been in business for over 25 years and they offer 24 different patterns in the in-ground pool selection alone. Even the most detailed shapes are fit beautifully with the work of precise computer engineering and a dedicated team of professionals.

Along with installing new pools and offering vinyl liners, we also provide general spa service to all our customers in and near Nampa, ID, and Boise, ID. Choose us when you need any maintenance or repairs. We have the skills, techniques, equipment, and experienced staff members to offer any type of spa repair you need, right when you need it. Most spa repairs are simple. We'll come out to your property at a convenient time for you to take a look at your spa, diagnose the issue, and replace the part as quickly as possible.

Call us if your spa makes odd noises, if the water refuses to heat up, if the spa leaks, if the jets won't turn on-or if anything else goes wrong. We promise we've seen it all before and can offer the spa service to match. Whether you're choosing us for a spa repair or to replace your old vinyl liner, know that we have nearly three decades of experience repairing spas like yours in the area. We've worked with every type, model, and size of spa, including yours, and we're local to the area so we understand the harsh winter conditions that can take a toll on outdoor pools and spas. Don't wait to get in touch with us!Keep reading to see what else we can do. Reach out any time at 208-880-4282 for spa repair, spa service, and any pool or spa maintenance or installation you need.

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Tuff Spas

At Budget Pool & Spa Tech Inc we sell a Tuff Spa. Literally, the solid cover can hold over 500 hundred pounds and never needs to be replaced, saving you hundreds of dollars on replacement covers. It is energy efficient, and can be opened by one person. It is plug-in ready, with several different design options, colors and seating arrangements from which to choose. It has LED lights and Go Green features. Call us now for a durable, eco-friendly spa of your own.

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For more information about our pool and spa supplies or to get started on a pool and spa for you and your family to enjoy, call Budget Pool & Spa Tech Inc at 208-880-4282.